Welcome to our web site. We have specialized in pewter casting for over 20 years.

Odyssey Metalworks was founded in 1990 as a pewter casting shop. We were asked by a customer if we did pewter casting. At the time we were casting bronze and sterling. He said he had an idea for a large line of jewelry to be produced in pewter. We thought this would be a great way to expand our business. We found a company in Los Angeles who was a major supplier of pewter casting equipment and alloys.

So it began, we drove down to LA and bought a spin casting machine, vulcanizer, and assorted supplies. I was taught by the owner of the company how to make a simple mold and we were on our way.

That original customer is long gone; however we are in business to complete your projects. We have made thousands of molds since those early days, and continue to do so.

We have done pewter casting for a variety of clients, producing jewelry, household accessories, and promotional items. Many of our clients have continued to do business with us for over 15 years.

Our desire is to make your project as successful as it has for all the clients we work with. We take pride in our R&D methods to help you achieve your goals.

We offer three finishes. The most popular is the oxidized tumble polish seen in the examples of our featured photos. The next is oxidized and brushed, then coated with clear satin enamel.  The third finish is a bright tumbled finish, no oxidizer and ready for plating.

We also offer a coating called Clear Clad that is plated on then baked, resulting in a durable covering resistant to many elements. We offer this in a clear as well as a gold tone. One of the belt buckles in our feature photos is treated this way. We coat the kitchen utensils we make in the clear version.

Our pewter casting alloy is lead free. Production limits are a dozen to several thousand pieces.